hey all! sending out a special klaxon before the weekend so that you’ll have some time to get this one in the mail!

EdgeCut is a monthly series for short performance works that explore our complex relationship to the digital, convening in NYC at NEW INC, the art, tech and design incubator at The New Museum of Art. the next EdgeCut performance evening will be Thursday, February 27, and the theme is HYBRIDITY:

We are currently accepting applications for short works of live performance that explore our complex relationship to the digitalβ€”looking at the many ways interactivity, games, robotics, wearables, AI and other digital technologies inform new practices in live performance. Works may be 5-20 minutes in length and may include music, dance, theatrical storytelling, literature, film or code.

get ur submissions in by Monday, February 3 to be considered! you can learn more and submit here.

if you want to see what EdgeCut is all about before you submit, you can check out their next performance night this Thursday, January 30. more info here.