an artist's guide to computation began as a Facebook group in late 2017, and transitioned to a Substack newsletter in October 2018. thanks to generous subscribers and donors, it's now it's own ~ web thing ~ as of January 2021, with some exciting new aspirations for the future around community.

I began an artist's guide to computation because I was having 2 conversations over and over. the first was with artist friends who were excited about some new technology but having trouble finding a way to dive in hands-on, maybe just because so many of the resources for learning these technologies are oriented around commercial rather than creative applications. the other was with programmer friends who were making exciting and weird and creative things that they didn't consider to be art and weren't sure how to share with the world, maybe just because they had a CS degree instead of one in painting or sculpture.

the heart of an artist's guide to computation is the weekly newsletter, where I hand-pick resources, events, and opportunities that I hope will be helpful to anyone on the spectrum of creative people who want to make things with technology for reasons other than making commercial products or getting a job at a company that makes commercial products. I hope it can be increasingly accessible and inspiring, particularly to people who don't feel well-represented by neither the art world nor the tech industry.

I hope to also share additional writing going forward- interviews with creators and organizers, deep dives into individual projects, and more, as well as evergreen collections of resources for different needs. your financial support of this work has enabled it to grow as much as it has already, and your continuing support will allow me to devote more and more time to building this resource in the future.


- martha